Boxing Cardio Workout
(Rocky Marciano)

This boxing cardio workout will help you develop a solid foundation of endurance, stamina, and mental toughness! You can also modify it to meet your boxing training needs.

Rocky Marciano Boxing Cardio Workout

(Approximately 90 Minute Workout)

Inspiration: Early in Rocky Marciano’s career he stepped into the boxing ring unprepared and out of not in top shape. He nearly lost that fight! In fact many people in the audience who saw the fight thought he should have lost. On that night Rocky made a promise to himself that he would never step into the boxing ring unprepared and he never did again for the rest of his career (49-0). I encourage you to do the same. Train like a champ and prepare yourself for battle!

Warm-up: (Approximately 10 minutes)

Boxing Workout: 15 Rounds with 1 minute "Active Rest" Between Rounds (60 Minutes)

  • 3 Rounds Shadow Boxing 
  • 1 Minute Mountain Climbers "Active Rest" Between Rounds
  • 3 Rounds Slipping Jabs
  • 1 Minute Walking Lunges "Active Rest" Between Rounds
  • 3 Rounds Double End Bag

1 Minute Jab-Cross-Jab-Cross "1-2-1-2" Heavy Bag Drill Drill "Active Rest" (Throwing constant jab-cross combination continuously) 

  • 3 Rounds Jumping Rope

1 Minute "Double Jumps" / "Double Unders" Active Rest Between Rounds

Yoga For Boxers
(10 min.)Yoga For Boxers 

(5 Minutes)

Modify Boxing Workouts 
(As Needed)

This boxing cardio workout are all written for the level of boxers I am training, who already have a very high level of strength and conditioning. Therefore, do not do these entire workouts without modifying them if you are not already in great shape. Simply scale these workouts down to meet your current ability and training needs. Remember: You must crawl before you can run!

Do You Desire to Be a Champion?

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