Heavy Bag Workouts Perfect For Beginners

Heavy bag workouts perfect for beginners grow your confidence, level of conditioning, boxing skills, and punching power.

How to boxing workouts should also get your t-shirt soaking wet, have you breathing heavy, and feeling like a champ!

At the end of this article I'm going to give you direct access to a variety of workouts that will help you punch faster and harder, burn more calories in less time, and build stamina to last all night long!

I’m coach Steve Van De Walle, former world class boxer and current professional boxing coach-trainer-teacher. I'm also the creator of the How2Boxing's "Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners" FREE video training series.

Throughout this how to boxing guide I’m going to teach you five simple steps to have the perfect heavy bag workout for beginners.

Step 1: Set a Clear Objective for a Killer Heavy Bag Workout

The first step is starting with your # 1 training objective.

For example:

"I'm stepping in off my back leg when I throw my jab."

"I'm hitting the heavy bag today to sharpen my jab, by keeping my elbow down as I throwing it fast and hard.

"I'm hitting the heavy bag today to get a great workout while improving my 1-2 punch combination.

Those last two are examples of a "two for one," two objectives in one focused heavy bag workout.

As you can see, these objectives must be targeted to what you want most out of your boxing heavy bag workout.

Step 2: Challenge a Limiting Belief.

The next way you can plan a boxing heavy bag workout is by challenging a limiting belief you may have about your ability to punch the heavy bag with confidence.

Here's an example: "I'm adding more speed and power to my punches every day."

This affirmation works for three reasons.

  1. It focuses you on fulfilling your potential, rather than on your limitations and inexperience. 
  2. It's much more effective than walking into your home gym thinking, "I don't know what the hell I'm doing and feel stupid and look silly hitting this heavy bag."
  3. It also makes you want to find out how much speed and power you're capable of adding to your punches.

Step 3: Watch a Short and Technically Sound Demonstration
Before Your Heavy Bag Workout

The third way to have a perfect heavy bag workout is by watching a fundamentally sound demonstration of the particular punch or combination you're working on right before hitting the heavy bag.

For example, beginning boxers in my "Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners" (FREE Video Training Series) watch short videos that show very fundamentally sound punch technique and provide simple step by step technical instructions and tips right before they start each round of each boxing heavy bag workout.

Knowing what you're aiming for is critical to a successful heavy bag workout, growing your skills, and steadily improving your technical skills and punching power. 

Step 4: Record Yourself Punching the Heavy Bag

The next step to planning and having a perfect heavy bag workout is recording yourself punching the heavy bag during your last round of technical training.

Doing this alone is one of the fastest ways to improve your boxing skills and learn to punch with more precision and power.

I'll share a way I can help you know what to look for in your recording of yourself.

Now, any man who wants to look better and feel more confident punching the heavy bag can benefit tremendously from this one step alone.

Warning: make sure you do this before finishing your workout with heavy bag drills.

Step 5: Watch the recording of yourself and take notes in your
How2Boxing Reflection and Growth Journal

The final way you can have perfect  heavy bag workouts is by watching the round you recorded of yourself and look for specific and common technical errors.

Write your observations down in your boxing reflection and growth journal. (I'll let you know below how you can get a How2Boxing Reflection and Growth Journal)

When you review your video also look for the technical execution of things you're doing right.

And even more valuable, send the weekly video of your "best round" to a seasoned boxer or coach who is willing to give you valuable feedback and encouragement to help you continue improving your ability to punch the heavy bag with confidence and your overall boxing skills week after week.

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