Learn Boxing At Home 
Training Like a Champion!

The best way to learn boxing at home begins with a solid foundation of fundamentals taught in a specific sequence that will help you master skills along the way. I'll teach you specific lessons, boxing drills, exercises, and conditioning aspects to include in each of your boxing workouts to help you master the following:

  • Boxing Stance
  • Boxing Footwork
  • Boxing Defense
  • How To Throw a Jab and Feint
  • How to Punch With Power
  • Conditioning Drills To Use on Your Heavy Bag and Speed Bag
  • Much More...

The lessons I'm about to teach you have turned beginning boxers into state, regional, and national champions and professional boxers who have competed all over the United States and World.

Boxing Stance
Stability + Balance + Movement

Orthodox Stance: If you're right handed, put your left foot in front. South Paw Stance If you're left handed, put your right foot in front.

1. Point your lead foot directly at your opponent.

2. Place your rear foot behind and outside of your rear shoulder.

3. Balance your weight between your legs.

4. Practice H.E.C.K.S. 

Hands High (just under your eyes so you can see over your hands)

Elbows In (protecting your ribs)

Chin Down 

Knees Bent (slight bend in your knees)

Shift Your Weight On the Balls of Your Feet. (balance yourself and feel your weight transfer between your lead and rear foot) 

Boxing Footwork