Best Boxing Training for Beginners

Boxing training for beginners starts with answering the question: “Why” Boxing?

Why do you want to start boxing training, classes, or working out at home? 

                                  Are you training to:

  • Learn boxing basics and thinking about winning a real boxing match?
  • Get in shape, increase confidence, and enjoy the benefits of boxing fitness...without getting punched in the face?
  • Fulfill your dreams of Olympic Gold and becoming a World Champion in the pros?

Boxing Training Fundamentals Leads to Wins

Your answers to the question “Why” boxing will give you the drive, determination, and motivation necessary to

endure the demanding training required reach your goals in boxing, whatever they may be.

When the training gets tough...

Remember "WHY!"

Start with a Solid Foundation

"Smokin Joe" Perez nails Jeff Farmer with a straight right over Farmers low left hand! Perez ended this fight with a single right hand that Knocked Farmer Out! "Keep Your Hands Up!"

When building a house you must lay a solid foundation.  Without a solid foundation your house could begin to crack and even start sliding into a sink-hole or maybe blow away during a wind storm.  The same thing is true in boxing. Without a solid foundation of proper boxing fundamentals there will be holes in your defense every time you start to throw a punch.  A smart boxer will be able to pick you apart, walk you down, and maybe even knock you out!

It is critical that you learn proper boxing fundamentals starting the first time you put on a pair of boxing gloves. Otherwise you are sure to develop very bad habits, such as dropping your hands after you punch.  Your opponent will be able to catch you with a straight 2 “all night long,” right over the top of your left hand! These are the bad habits I see so often in beginning and even experienced boxers that limit their potential in this sport. It is a result of poorly developed fundamentals, which have now become poor habits and very difficult to break.

I will teach you proper fundamentals and show you drills to develop them into good habits that will help you maximize your potential throughout your boxing career.  Developing these proper fundamentals is the most critical aspect of all boxing training for beginners.  Continuing to fine tune and sharpen your execution of proper fundamentals is also critically important throughout your boxing career.  I will teach you how to develop a critical eye for proper execution as you build a solid foundation of proper boxing fundamentals.

Boxing Styles

Boxing Training for Beginners

Stance: If you are right handed your left foot will go up front. If you are left handed, “southpaw” your right foot will be your lead foot.  This makes your less dominate hand your jab or “1”and keeps more dominate punch back further from your opponent so that you can generate more momentum and power when you throw your “cross” or “straight 2.” 

Your lead foot should point right between your opponent’s legs and be out in front of your body.  Your back foot should be behind and outside of and behind your right (left for “southpaws”) shoulder.  Try to find a strong sense of balance and stability as you get into your stance. Adjust your feet to do so. (The boxing training for beginners video above will show you a drill that will help with your stance)

Proven Boxing Training for Beginners
HECKS Boxing Stance


H = Hands High (look right over your gloves and slightly angle your hands so your pinky fingers almost touch right in front of your nose)

E = Elbows In (Keeping your elbows in provides more protection for your ribs and body)

C = Chin Down (Tucking your chin makes it difficult for your opponent to land one on the “sweet spot” that could possibly stun you)

K = Knees Bent (Slightly bending your knees engages your leg muscles and makes your punches more explosive and also allows you to move more quickly with your footwork)

S= Shifting Your Weight on the “Balls” of Your Feet / “On Your Toes.” (This keeps you in position to punch, pick an angle after punching, or “dance” away from your opponent)

Drills to Practice

HECKS Stability Drill:  Get on a large car or truck tire and shift your weight while practicing HECKS.  Or get on a small trampoline and do the same thing for 3 – 3 minute rounds.

Walk the Ring:  Get into your HECKS boxing stance inside the ring or four cones on the floor spaced out as four corner posts.  Face the same wall each time you are moving along the perimeter of the ring as you “walk the ring.” When moving forward you explode off your back foot one step and a time. Once you get to the corner begin exploding to the right as you explode off your left foot and step with your right foot. Once you get to the next corner you explode off your lead foot while stepping with your back foot one step at a time. Once you reach the next corner, begin exploding off the right foot while stepping with your left foot moving to your left.  Repeat this drill for one to three 3 minute rounds.

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