Best Boxing Stance for Beginners

Your boxing stance is so important and is the first thing you should learn to get comfortable and confident when you begin boxing. These are five key components that a proper stance will provide:

  1. Stability
  2. Balance
  3. Movement
  4. Power
  5. Protection (Defense)

Throughout each video below I'll show you how to develop your stance and footwork in numerous drills. Your boxing stance is so critical to developing solid defensive boxing skills. I encourage you to go through each video, take notes and most importantly add these drills to your daily boxing workouts. Let's get it champ!

H.E.C.K.S. Boxing Stance

If you're right handed put your left foot in front (Orthodox). If you're left handed put your right foot in front (Southpaw).

Spread your legs out (north and south) about shoulder width apart. Your rear foot should be just behind and outside of your rear shoulder. Follow the H.E.C.K.S. boxing stance instructions in the video above.

Practice Your Boxing Stance
"Walking The Ring"

"Walking The Ring" in your H.E.C.K.S. boxing stance is a great way to learn how to step and learn to protect yourself at all times.

  1. Get in your H.E.C.K.S. boxing stance in an open area.
  2. "Explode" off your left foot/leg as you step to your right.
  3. "Explode" off your lead foot/leg as you step back.
  4. "Explode" off your right foot/leg as you step right.
  5. "Explode" off your rear foot/leg as you step forward.

Repeat for 3x3 minute rounds at the beginning of your boxing workouts until you master this. Once you can do "walk the ring" without crossing your feet, continue to do this for 1 round early in your workouts just to maintain these solid boxing fundamentals.

Practice Your Stance and Footwork
"Dancing Circles"

Dancing circles is a great way to develop your footwork as you maintain the essential elements of your boxing stance. You can practice on small circles like in the video above. You can also "dance" larger circles like the video example below. Either way, really focus on maintaining your "H.E.C.K.S." boxing stance as you develop your footwork. Getting comfortable changing directions will also really help you. 

Practice Your Boxing Stance
When You "Bob and Weave"

You can practice bobbing and weaving under a rope at about shoulder height. You can also use a maize bag / slip bag to practice bobbing and weaving. Three important things to remember as you bob and weave are:

  1. Maintain H.E.C.K.S.
  2. Keep Your Balance
  3. Stay In a Rhythm 

"Must Know" Boxing For Beginners Tips

Staring with a basic boxing stance like H.E.C.K.S. will protect you throughout your boxing career. It's very important to practice your stance daily. Another great drill to add to your training is to get on top of an old semi-truck tire and practice bobbing and weaving while maintaining your H.E.C.K.S. boxing stance. This drill is a leg killer. Check it out and let me know how this works for you.

Keep training, feeling, and fighting like a champ!