Champion Training System Private Group

The Champion Training System Private Group (FaceBook) is ONLY for Focused, Committed, and Self-Motivated Boxers.  If your serious about your boxing career and eager to Do What It Takes to: 

  • Accelerate Your Boxing IQ with proven Strategies, Training Drills, and Methods
  • Increase your Punching Power
  • Develop Solid Boxing Fundamentals 
  • Sharpen your Technical Skills
  • Enhance your Strength and Conditioning

You will have direct access to training I provide my professional and amateur boxers.  The videos I'll share with you are raw, unedited, behind the scenes footage recorded in the gym during training camps, as I prepare my fighters for upcoming competitions.  You will also have access to my personal feedback and critique of your technical development as you upload short 1 minute (or less than 1 min.) videos of you working on specific punches, techniques and strategies.  In addition to this, I will give you specific strategies to use against boxers you will be competing against when you post short videos of them in our Private FaceBook group.

For a Limited Time Only

Become a member of the Champion Training System Private Group for ONLY $29.99 Monthly

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