Right Cross Knockout Power

Landing your right cross (also called a 2 or straight right) with power can have a devastating effect on your opponent! At the end of the 3rd round Smokin Joe Perez nailed Rufino Serrano with a vicious straight right right on the chin, dropping Serrano like a bag of potatoes in the center of the ring.  Joe's punch had all 5 keys of a powerful right that I'll share with you in this article.

Key # 1: Momentum

Your right cross can be thrown as a lead punch, behind a “phantom, blinding or measuring jab,” or with momentum followed by a committed jab. I’ll do other articles teaching how and when to set your opponent up to throw your lead right, which can be even more powerful. But in this article I want to help you learn how to throw the straight right behind the jab and using momentum. You generate momentum as follows:

  1. Step in with your jab, throwing a “committed” jab “exploding” off the back leg. And digging into the canvas with your back foot.
  2. After your one lands, begin rotating your hips and shoulders violently counter-clockwise.

Focus on hip rotation and your shoulders will naturally follow.

Key # 2: Technique

As you rotate your hips and torso do the following:

  1. Keep your elbow down and next to your rib cage.
  2. Keep your bicep next to your chest.
  3. Keep glove next to your right cheek.

These three technical points will help you maintain leverage and make it a more powerful punch!

Better Technique = More Power

  1. As your shoulders become parallel, begin to release your punch by extending your glove toward your opponents chin or head. Think of “snapping” off this punch “like a whip”, or towel on full extension.
  2. On impact tighten your fist, forearm, and tricep.
  3. Your right ankle will naturally kick or flare out if you are getting enough hip rotation...remember the focus is hip rotation!

Key # 3: Perfect Timing

By using your jab to open up your opponent, this right hand coming right behind it, you can catch your opponent at the perfect timing...which is with their chin fully exposed.

Key #4: Punch Faster than the Speed of Sound!

The great Cus D’Amato (Mike Tyson’s trainer and mentor), said this two punch combination should be thrown so fast that it sounds like one punch!

My trainer, the late Bill Sangster used to scream from the corner, "Fire that right hand!"

Key #5: Sniper “Sharp Shooting” Accuracy

Your right cross should be thrown with “sniper like” accuracy! Place this shot right on your opponent’s chin or temple to have the most devastating results! Your right cross can be thrown in this 1-2 punch combination or combined in multiple other combinations.

Bonus: Punch Combinations With a Right Cross

  • 1-2-3-Roll Out (Jab - R. Cross - Left Hook-Roll Out to Your Left)
  • 1-2-3-4-Roll Out (Jab - R.  Cross - Left Hook - Right Uppercut-Roll Out to Your Right)
  • 1-2-3-4-5-Roll Out (Jab- R. Cross - Left Hook - Right Uppercut- Left Uppercut - Roll Out to Your Left)
  • 1-2-3-4-5-3-Roll Out (Jab - R. Cross - Left Hook - Right Uppercut- Left Uppercut - Left Hook- Roll Out to Your Left)
  • 1-2-Rock 2- Step Out (Jab - R. Cross - Left Hook - “Rock” / step at an angle out to your right- then step back in with a straight right.

Focus and Commitment

Commit to and focus on “firing that right hand,” and in due time, begin mastering each of these punch combinations and before you realize it you will have a devastating right cross that can be used in a variety of ways!

As always, “Keep Training Like a Champ!

I’m in your corner!

Steve Van De Walle

From Wheelchair to Gold Medal...In four Years

"All things are Possible..."

"Believe It Baby!"