Boxing training Camp

This boxing training camp is limited to a dozen dedicated athletes ready to take their bodies, physical conditioning & mental toughness, and punching power & accuracy to the next level.  No prior boxing experience is necessary but a solid foundation of conditioning is required. 

HowToBoxing Training Camp

How2Boxing Training Camp (Day 2)

How2Boxing Training Camp (Day 1)

A Total Body Workout to Help You:

  • Learn and Improve Boxing Fundamentals (Punching, Footwork, and Defense)
  • Develop Explosive Power (Upper and Lower Body)
  • Increase Muscular Endurance (Upper and Lower Body)
  • Improve Cardiovascular Endurance and Stamina
  • Strengthen Abdominal Conditioning, and Muscle Density
  • Enhance Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Body Awareness

These 90-minute Boxing Training Camp Sessions will Include:

  • World Class Technical and How2Boxing Instructions and Demonstrations
  • Partner Work and Skill Development
  • Upper and Lower Body Plyometric Training
  • Balance and Stability Footwork Drills
  • High Intensity interval Training and Bag Drills

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