Best Boxing Workout for Beginners At Home or Gym

The "Best Boxing Workout for Beginners" (pdf) is designed to help you master boxing basics while improving your conditioning.  Throughout this boxing workout program you'll learn:

Boxing Footwork Drills, Boxing Defense and How to Punch

Heavy Bag Drills (and Shadow Boxing Alternatives)

The Best Boxing Exercises & Strength and Conditioning Routine for Boxing

You'll finish every workout "Feeling Like a Champ!

For a limited time I'm also giving Beginning Boxers access to the "Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners" video training series along with a How2Boxing companion training guide.

Coach Steve Van De Walle "From Wheelchair to World Championships in 4 years"

  • 1998 United States All Army Welterweight Champion
  • 1998 Armed Forces (Army-Navy-Air Force- Marines) Gold Medalist
  • Boxing coach-trainer-teacher of state, regional, national champions, members of Team USA and professional boxers and mma fighters.