Boxing Classes
Finding the Best For Women

Why are boxing classes becoming so popular these days?  

Especially for Women...

Boxing Fitness Craze Gets Women Ready to Rumble!

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Is this really just a bunch of B.S.?   Well, yeah it is.   I'll explain…

Boxing Fitness Workouts are a Fun Way to (B):

  • Beat the crap out of stress.   UNLOAD your stress during bag drills.
  • Burn calories like an incinerator.   Maybe not quite, but you'll burn around 500 calories per hour in a good class.
  • Build confidence like Wonder Woman.   Well, at least feel better about yourself after every class.

OK, that's enough B.

The (S) Benefits of Taking an "Ass Kicking" Boxing Class

  • Strengthen your core.
  • Save time with the full body workouts.
  • Shed fat around your arms, thighs, and stomach. 

I know this sounds like B.S.  and seeing is believing. 

So the best way to find out if boxing classes are for you is to get your butt down to the gym and try a class.

How to Find a Good Boxing Fitness Class
In Your Hometown

Word of mouth is by far the best way.  If you have girlfriend who raves about a boxing class,

that is the one you should to try first. 

A good boxing fitness instructor will help you accomplish all the B.S. I mentioned above. 

Most classes are fairly good at doing this.

If you don’t leave the gym, feeling like you had an awesome full body workout…don’t go back. 

Keep looking.

The # 1 Reason People Quit Boxing Classes

People quit when they stop making progress…in both areas of fitness and skill mastery.

While most boxing fitness classes do a good job giving you a great workout...

many will fall short in helping you continually improve your technical skills.

Learning new skills gives you something to look forward to each class.

Accelerating Your Progress

To accelerate your progress start by taking a fundamentals course.

The best gyms focus on helping you develop solid boxing fundamentals from day one.

In high quality fundamentals courses you will learn boxing basics,

as well as how to throw various punches from coaches who can demonstrate the best punching techniques.

What's the Difference Between "Good" and "Great" Classes?

The difference is in the coach or instructor.

"Good" instructors give you an awesome workout!  Great boxing fitness instructors go above and beyond

giving you an awesome workout...they give you awesome instruction so that you keep learning new skills.

They meet you where you’re at in terms of your current fitness level and boxing skill level.

They then help you continually progress in both areas.

Finding a Great Coach

The very best boxing fitness instructors have a huge advantage over 'the “good” ones. 

They actually know how to box!

They are also great motivational coaches and teachers of the proper techniques.

When considering a new gym that offers boxing classes, read the bio of the coach/instructor. If you can't find anything online,

ask the instructor directly to tell you about his or her boxing experience. If it is extensive, they will be happy to share.

But the very best way to find a great boxing coach / fitness instructor is to take their class and see if they deliver.

 If you’re lucky enough to find a boxing fitness instructor/ coach with this combination, boxing is going to be fun for you for a very long time. 

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