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Have a Flat Tire You're Not Changing?
June 10, 2022
What's up Champ!

Have a Flat Tire You're Not Changing? One morning I started driving down the road and immediately noticed that something was wrong with my car. It was making a loud banging noise as I drove down this busy street.

I thought, "Damn, I must have a flat tire." The bigger problem was that there was no shoulder on the road to pull over on this busy street. So I continued down the road and pulled into the nearest gas station to change my tire with the donut tire in my trunk.

Now imagine trying to take a road trip across the country to a championship fight that your scheduled to fight in.

You would never do that on four, three, two, or even one flat tire.

But you may actually be doing that right now and not even realize it.

To get to the championship fight the vehicle we're driving is our body.

In order to make sure we get there we must be driving on four good tires. the better these tires the smoother the ride.

Think of each of these tires as:

#1: Drinking Habits (Hydration) #2: Eating Habits (Nutrition)#3: Sleeping Habits (Rest + Recovery)#4: Training Habits (Conditioning, Technical Skills, Boxing IQ and Execution)

Many fighters are attempting to make this journey to the championship and don't ever stop top change the flat tires they are currently driving on.

If you have a flat in any of these areas, pull over and change the tire!

If you're not sure how to do that and need some guidance on changing any one of these tires book a FREE 15 minute call with me so we can change that flat tire champ! Click Here:

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